What services do we provide?


  • Company Law: incorporation of all kinds of civil and commercial companies and rendering of legal advice throughout the existence of the company, including the secretariat of the management bodies.
  • Advice and implementation of structural modifications of companies, including transformations, mergers, spin-offs, transfer of assets, transfer of domicile abroad.
  • Acquisitions of companies. 
  • Advice and drafting of all kinds of commercial contracts.


  • Establishment of insurance companies and brokerages.
  • Application of the Freedom to provide insurance services regime.
  • Administrative claims and contentious-administrative procedures related to insurance activities.


  • Litigation before civil, commercial and contentious-administrative courts, as well as arbitration, in a wide range of civil and commercial matters, with special emphasis on contractual litigation.
  • Extensive experience in matters of civil liability in general and, in particular, of directors and officers.
  • Complex litigation on insurance coverage and all kinds of claims.
  • Initial claims handling, often in coordination with designated experts.
  • Subrogation recoveries on behalf of insurance and reinsurance companies.
  • National and international commercial arbitrations, either as arbitrators or as party counsel.
  • Acting as experts in Spanish law before foreign courts.
  • Enforcement in Spain of foreign judicial judgments and arbitration awards.


  • Expertise in "large risks", which are those that meet the relevant legal criteria by class of risk and certain quantitative threshholds of the policyholder. Extensive experience in industrial risks, including fire/arson, as well as product liability, liability of directors and officers, errors and omissions, general civil liability, surety, legal defense insurance, general casualty and property insurance.
  • Cyber ​​risks.
  • Personal insurance: accidents, health, assistance and life.
  • Facultative and treaty reinsurance.
  • Advice on new insurance products.
  • Detailed analysis of coverage, drafting of conditions, review of contracts and policies.
  • Pre-underwriting limited legal analysis of terms and conditions, with the intent to prevent adverse future legal consequences of faulty underwriting, all for a fixed fee.
  • Analysis of insurance portfolios, to determine if the existing coverages match the client's needs.
  • Commutation of risks and liabilities.
  • Run-off (legacy business).


  • Study of the legal risks of potential litigation. Production of reports for the interested party, with our assessment of the likelihood of success or failure and the relevant costs.
  • In particular, a similar study for companies involved in litigation funding.


  • Mediation


This is an unusual service. The idea is that an objective third party, disinterested and with legal experience reviews the advice drafted by the client’s Counsel. Such review is not intended to be a second opinion. The review of the advice will be done from three viewpoints: the formal structure, the logical and coherent development of the factual and legal issue (s), and the necessary consistency between that reasoning and the conclusions, and, further, the correction of possible typos or spelling errors and even syntax. An adequate and orderly structure is essential for the clarity and understanding of the matter. The logical and coherent reasoning must have a precise link with the conclusions. The typos and spelling and syntax errors may change the meaning of what is written. In addition, an advice free of these errors is important imagewise because it indicates a well done job.